Using packaged builds

The simplest way to download SpringBoard is by using one of the provided installers. They will automatically download all of the needed resources (engine, editor archives, maps) and setup files, and launch SpringBoard. They will also check for updates on launch and keep the editor updated.


Once you have downloaded one of the above files, simply run them and install as necessary. After installation, it will download the necessary files and launch SpringBoard itself.


Linux users need to make the downloaded .AppImage file executable, by doing chmod +x SpringBoard.AppImage

Manual setup

It is also possible to manually setup SpringBoard. Please refer to the SpringRTS documentation for downloading and installing the engine and using pr-downloader.

The production version can be obtained from rapid, via: pr-downloader sbc:test

The development version can be obtained from this repository, by cloning it in your game folder: git clone SB-C.sdd


Games can distribute their packages differently. Some games might include the editor as part of the ingame lobby. For more information, consult the game manual.

Hardware requirements

SpringBoard runs on most machines that support the SpringRTS engine, with the requirements described here. The only additional requirement is that the Graphics Card drivers must support basic OpenGL Shaders (GLSL). Most modern GPUs should be usable, but it is necessary to ensure the system has newest OpenGL drivers (see this for download instructions).

Additionally, for better performance having a good GPU will make terrain texture editing more efficient, while having a decent CPU and more RAM will make heightmap editing and scenario editing work more smoothly.

Software requirements

Linux has additional software requirements:

  • SDL (Ubuntu package: libsdl2-2.0-0)
  • OpenAL (Ubuntu package: libopenal1)