Map Features


SpringBoard doesn’t come with any map features besides the engine-default geovent, so if you want to add them you first need to import them into your project.

To import new features you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Find existing feature sets (e.g. SpringFeatures) or make your own following the official Spring docs.
  2. Copy features into your project and restart.

Below is an example of how to import SpringFeatures into a SpringBoard project.

  1. Download SF from extract it and open the folder.
  2. Open an existing project or create a new one. Then, open its folder using the “Open Project” button.
  3. Copy features, objects3d and unittexture folder to your project. You might want to remove the features you don’t need later.
  4. Press F8 for console window to show
  5. Restart
  6. You should now be able to use features in your project
_images/features1.jpg _images/features2.jpg _images/features3.jpg

Export manually

Manual export is only recommended if you want to customize the export process (perhaps you want to compile the map yourself using a third-party tool). In that case you can follow the below tutorial.

s11n export should be used if you want to export game objects (units, features, etc.) and load them in your standalone map. Install s11n as you would normally:

  1. Copy the s11n and LCS folders to the libs/s11n and libs/LCS folders of the map (create destination directories as necessary).
  2. Copy s11n_gadget_load.lua from the s11n folder to LuaGaia/Gadgets/ of the map folder.

Then setup s11n to load your exported objects:

  1. Copy your exported s11n model file to map’s mapconfig folder.
  2. Copy s11n_load_map_features.lua to map’s LuaGaia/Gadgets/ folder.
  3. Set the file path to your s11n model file in the newly copied s11n_load_map_features.lua

Including feature defs, compiling the map and setting mapinfo.lua is outside the scope of this guide. Please consult the Spring MapDev pages for that.