Assets can be added to SpringBoard in order to include new art for editing. They should be added in the springboard/assets folder, and each asset pack should have its own directory structure.

SpringBoard supports the following asset types:

  • Brush patterns /brush_patterns. These should be black images with an alpha determining the value.
  • Materials /materials. Materials consist of multiple different textures (diffuse, specular and normal), which should be contained in different image files, in the name_$texType.png format, e.g. cement_diffuse.png and cement_specular.png.
  • Skyboxes /skyboxes. These should be .dds skybox textures.
  • Detail textures /detail. These are the usual Spring detail textures.

A set of core assets are available. You can download them either via the launcher’s Asset Download option (recommended), or manually via a direct link. In case of a manual download, you need to extract them to springboard/assets/core/.